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Why Laser Treatments Are For You

At Ocean Spa Beauty and Wellness we always choose the best possible skincare products so that

our clients receive the best possible skincare results. We choose carefully with quality, safety, and effectiveness in mind. And we spent 5 years researching lasers before we were confident enough to bring on the NeoElite Laser by Aerolase. This laser performs comprehensive skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and treats all the signs of aging. We chose the NeoSkin because it offers the best and most comfortable client experience that has ever been available for aesthetic lasers. After your NeoSkin treatment series you’ll say goodbye to dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, acne, and acne scarring. You can expect an improvement in your skin’s overall quality, tone, and texture, leaving you with a youthful glow.

Here are a few more reasons to try NeoSkin Treatments:

It’s virtually painless. We can confidently say it’s the most comfortable laser treatment out there. It’s so gentle that no numbing cream or cooling spray is needed. This unique technology ensures that painful laser treatments are a thing of the past!

It can be used on all skin types and complexions - even in the summer. Have a tan? No worries.

The NeoSkin treatment can be performed any time, keeping your skin clear and refreshed all year long.

No down time. NeoSkin treatments have no side effects and are completely non-invasive. After your treatment you can immediately return to normal activities (wearing sunscreen of course). And unlike with other laser treatments you’ll have no prolonged redness, pain, or discomfort.

Hair removal can now be virtually painless too! No more “rubber-band snapping on your skin” feeling. We can comfortably remove unwanted hair on your face and body - even in the summer!

If you’ve been putting off laser treatments because you can’t afford the downtime needed with other lasers, or because you thought it would be painful, we assure you that laser technology has changed and we’ve got the very best for you. Always. Please call us to set up a free consultation

with one of our skincare experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Ocean Spa Beauty & Wellness of East Moriches has been delivering the finest sea-inspired massage and skincare treatments since 2015. Owners and sisters Stacy Krey, LMT and Virginia White, LE have over 20 years collective experience in the day spa industry and have built an exceptional team of licensed professionals to assist you on your journey to beauty, health and wellness. To speak with one of them directly, please call (631) 909-3810. A full menu of services can be found at


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