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We'll See You Soon!’s been a while! We really miss everyone and we’re looking forward to seeing you again! We’re healthy and well, and we hope you are too. 🌸

So.....we’re currently working on our reopening plan - which includes moving into the much larger building next door! 🎉

We’ve been planning this move for a while, so please bear with us a little longer as we transition into the new space. We hope to share the process with you here and on our newly fabulous website! In addition to the move we’ve been working on our continuing education, new safety procedures and certifications, and we’ve ordered 2 large hospital grade air purification units. These units completely sanitize the air 4 times an hour. We’re going all out here because your health and well-being (and ours and our family’s) are our #1 priority. 💕 We hope you check out our new website, and check back for updates, pictures, and progress! Stay well.


~ Stacy & Virginia

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