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We Could All Use More Vitamin Sea

by Stacy Krey, LMT

How lucky we are to live surrounded by sandy beaches and ocean breezes! Long Islanders know that nothing invigorates like a swim in the ocean, or calms and soothes like the sound of crashing waves on the shore. A day at the beach is medicine for the soul!

In fact, throughout history doctors prescribed spending time at the sea to treat many ailments, both physical and mental. Vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in seawater help to activate the body's healing mechanism.

Sea air is charged with negative ions which increase serotonin, the happy hormone that regulates our mood and sense of well being. Ocean water is rich in magnesium which helps to reduce stress and relax muscles. In addition, the mineral salts in ocean water help regenerate skin and strengthen the immune system.

Summer has come to an end, but we can enjoy the healthy benefits of seaside living all year round. Autumn and winter walks on the shore are a great way to exercise and experience the benefits of the sea air. The tranquility of an empty winter beach is magical!

However, if a cold windy beach is not your idea of relaxation there is an alternative for you. Ocean Spa Beauty and Wellness is offering a new signature treatment called "The Marine Immersion Experience".

The Marine Immersion Experience is a luxurious spa treatment providing all the benefits of a dip in the ocean! This 75 minute wellness massage includes the use of pure seawater concentrate rich in minerals and trace elements which help to strengthen the skin, prevent cell fatigue, remineralize, revitalize, and promote relaxation and wellness. The natural seaside fragrance envelopes you, offering a deeply relaxing experience and visible results for your skin.

Ocean Spa Beauty and Wellness offers a wide range of natural ocean inspired products so you can continue the experience at home, including nutrient dense laminaria oil, exfoliating seaweed soap, freeze-dried sea water bath, marine mists, sea salt scrubs, essential minerals relaxing bath, and well-being sensation shower gels. Everything you need to create a seaside feeling at home!

So go ahead and take long walks on the beach, enjoy the quieter days of fall and winter, and then round out your health and beauty routine with a visit to Ocean Spa Beauty and Wellness - for all the year-round benefits of ocean inspired skincare, massage, and wellness.

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