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DIY Facials

It has been over TWO MONTHS since we have been able to provide services at the spa and it is wearing on me. While I am absolutely enjoying my time with my family, gardening, reading and cooking up amazing meals, I am also anxious to be back in the spa with all of you.

It has always been my goal to not only spend an hour a month with you for your facials, but to also encourage and guide you in taking good care of your skin at home between our appointments together. Since seeing you in the spa is not an option for us right now, I just want to remind you all to continue to do your best at this time. I have put together this (hopefully) helpful guide for keeping your skin glowing and healthy until we can meet again.

  1. Cleanse daily. As we head into the warmer months, using a balancing cleanser can help keep skin hydrated and healthy. We like Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Gel Cleanser or the Iluma Brightening Cleanser.

  2. Tone. Toner is great for picking up anything your cleanser left behind and for helping balance your skin's pH and keep it in a "happy place". Not too dry, not too oily. We love Phytomer's Rose Toner.

  3. Exfoliate. This step should only be done about once or twice a week. Exfoliating helps slough off dead skin cells, allowing masks and serums to penetrate deep into the skin to repair, correct and treat whatever you're targeting. We love the Image Skincare Iluma Exfoliating Brightening Powder.

  4. Apply a mask. Masks are a great way to treat the skin and I recommend doing one a week, and switching them up weekly. You could choose to do the Vital C Hydrating Overnight mask one week, and the Ormedic Balancing Facial Mask the next. So many to choose from, each with beneficial factors for different concerns.

  5. Serum. Although serums usually carry a heavier price tag than other products they are the powerhouse of skincare. With a smaller molecular structure than moisturizers, they are able to penetrate deep into the skin (especially after you've exfoliated) and treat fine lines and wrinkles, brighten your complexion, balance oily skin, hydrate and name it, there is probably a serum for it. A small amount goes a long way so don't skip the serums! Our favorites are Image Skincare Iluma Brightening Serum, Max Stem Cell Anti-Aging Serum, and the Vital C Hydrating Serum.

  6. Moisturize. Your daily moisturizer acts as your skins shield from the outside world. Blocking air pollution, UVA, UVB and damaging blue light from our screen devices (cell phones, laptops, etc.) makes them a must. Our favorite daily moisturizers are Image Skincare's line which include a hydrating SPF30 or SPF50, Tinted SPF30 and Matte SPF30. For the evening, choose something without an SPF such as the Vital C Hydrating Moisturizer.

Although the spa is closed, I am still here for you with any questions you have regarding your skincare concerns, product needs, or advice. Please feel free to email me at or contact me through our Facebook page.

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