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Benefits of Massage

Therapeutic massage is a great way to improve wellness, reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, and manage stress. Our licensed massage therapists will customize each treatment to help you reach your wellness goals.

Why should I get regular massage?

Many of us tend to take care of everyone else before addressing our own health. Before we know it, we have back pain, joint pain, fatigue, stress and weak immune systems. Massage is one of the most overlooked body care practices. Taking care of yourself is one of the greatest investments you can make to your body. 

Recent studies have demonstrated how massage can be used to improve the quality of life. For decades now, health practitioners are seeing the benefits and recommending their patients have regular massage to on manage chronic pain, stress and to alleviate some of the side effects and symptoms associated with some health complications. 

We are now accepting NYSHIP

NYSHIP, the New York State Health Insurance Program, is an Empire Plan for New York State’s Public Employees and Employers.

If you have NYSHIP, massage therapy is a covered benefit that we are now accepting. Studies have found that massage can:

  • Help reduce stress.

  • Lessen pain and muscle tightness.

  • Increase relaxation.

  • Improve the work of the immune system.

What You Can Expect

At Ocean Spa we believe in a healthy, beautiful, smart approach to all things related to your care when you are with us. Our licensed massage therapists will customize your treatment for you to ensure you are receiving the finest in therapeutic massage.

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